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    Rock your favorite audio using the following options:

    3.5mm headphone jack

    Bluetooth 4.0 (connect to wireless headphones, speakers, car stereo, etc)

    Plays as a cassette in most tape decks*

    Version B allows you to connect your phone to MIXXTAPE via Bluetooth to stream music through a tape deck


    MIXXTAPE has two variants with different capacities:

    Version A - Includes 8GB internal flash memory (approx 2,000 songs) and supports microSD cards up to 256GB (approx 64,000 songs)

    Version B - Includes 4GB internal flash memory (approx 1,000 songs). No microSD support.


    Supports most audio formats like FLAC (16-bit), AAC, MP3, WAV, WMA, & APE


    The 300 mAh battery provides over 5 hours of continious High-Resolution Audio playback

Choose Your MIXXTAPE


MIXXTAPE - Version A (Pre-order)

Sale price $80.00 Regular price $100.00


MIXXTAPE - Version B (Pre-order)

Sale price $65.00 Regular price $80.00


Does MIXXTAPE work with iTunes?

Yes. Drag and drop your library to the MIXXTAPE and you're all set.

How many songs does it hold?

There are two versions of MIXXTAPE

8GB (Version A) - With 8GB you can store approximately 2,000 songs. This version also supports microSD cards up to 256GB - that's roughly 60,000 songs!

4GB (Version B) - With 4GB, you can store approximately 1,000 songs. This version does not have a microSD slot.

Is there a Shuffle function?

Yes. MIXXTAPE supports Shuffle, Repeat, and Hold/Resume.

Does MIXXTAPE support other languages?

Yes. MIXXTAPE supports over 20 languages.

What audio formats are supported?


What is different about this MIXXTAPE versus the Kickstarter version?

During the Kickstarter campaign, we received a ton of awesome feedback from our backers. We tried to incorporate many of the most requested features:

Larger battery - the battery is 50% larger

Better screen - the display is OLED (instead of LCD) which provides a much higher resolution and less power drain

Faster transfers - the data/charger port has been upgraded to USB-C for faster data transfers and charging times

Internal memory - version A includes 8GB of internal memory, version B has 4GB

Additional features with MIXXTAPE Version A (8GB) include:

Larger capacity - in addition to the 8GB of internal memory, version A also supports microSD cards up to 256GB

Bluetooth connectivity - version A allows you to connect your phone to MIXXTAPE via Bluetooth to stream music through your tape deck

Why should I pre-order instead of waiting for the release?

Quantities of the first batch will be limited; therefore, if you want to ensure you're one of the first to receive a MIXXTAPE and take advantage of a sweet price, pre-ordering is for you. 

Do I get charged immediately or pay later if I pre-order?

You are charged immediately. However, we allow refunds up to two weeks before launch (Launches - April 5, 2019).

Will MIXXTAPE play in my car's tape deck?

It depends. MIXXTAPE is limited to the use of car stereos which are not equipped with tape movement sensors. 

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